Rayden Steele was born in Georgia, but has his roots in Jamaica; this peach is about to be eaten on StraightRentBoys.com. Rayden's gay and his diet of Cheetos keeps him young and fit; oh, youth. As Rayden starts to stretch out, Eddie calls in straight guy Bruno to help; he'll be kneeling down to assist. Shit, Rayden's got a nice cut cock and a full sack. Working together, the boys seem to have it well in hand, and mouth; Rayden spreads his legs, pumps his hips and eagerly moans as he watches Bruno suck. Wanting to get a better feel of Bruno, Rayden's hand begins to wander, which has him edging. Putting lube on Rayden's cock, Bruno pumps away; his partner gasps, gives a, fuck, and oozes out.
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