Exploring the desert, and one another's boundaries, Rave Hardick and Jason Jimeno hang out on StraightMenXXX.com. Enjoying a hot spa later, these hotties soak; Rave does a bit of bump and rub. Jason acknowledges the interest, but heads to the shower after a long day. With the spray and lather arousing, Jason soon has company in the shower; big enough for two, Rave initiates and Jason takes a turn at touching another man. On the bed, Jason is rubbing one out when Rave comes in to continue the toying. Allowing Rave to not only touch, but suck his cock, Jason goes with the flow this time and reciprocates with a mouthful of his own. The two take things slow, but with both cocks hard and ready, the interest is there. Kneeling over Jason, Rave savors the job, while eyeing Jason's cock; quietly, Rave says, let's see you cum. After a bit more, Jason splatters a sizeable load onto his stomach and chest. Rave then takes his turn, also spewing onto Jason. Looking satisfied and amused, Jason goes to clean up. The bond these two have now has more to do with what they shared, rather than their girlfriend's.

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