Adding to the New Year, has a new model, Takeru. He's a 22 year old bartender who's Bi. Takumi is back; this hottie has such a cute face and fat cock, he's be-cumming a fan favorite. As the boys get comfy, in each other's mouth, you can see why we paired them. Takumi slides his face down; damn, Takeru is fit and sexy. Pulling out his partner's big cock, Takumi seems pleased to serve. Relishing the feeling, Takeru encourages his boy to, swallow more before he reciprocates. On the receiving end of Takeru's lips, Takumi is out of his clothes quickly and stretching those undies. Plumping Takumi's sizeable cock, Takeru licks and laps up the flavor; the two 69 and both get a mouthful. With a bit more hard work, Takeru grabs his cock and goes to town; his mouth is still stuffed. Lying side by side, some lube is added as each gives a hand to the other. Takumi shoots first; Takeru is surprised by the distance. Hand still dirty, Takeru reaches over, taking his own cock, and jerks fast. Oozing out onto his groin, the newbie adds a nice pool to the fun.
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