I didn't want to be late and rushed out the door to meet up with Sousuke and grabbed the wrong battery. So I had to film the interview with my phone. Actually came out better than I expected. Sousuke is a 20 year old straight college student. I asked him why he applied to our studio since we only shoot gay content. His response was I wanted to be a model and just curious to try it out. Let's face it, money was part of the reason I'm sure. After talking at the park, we headed back to the apartment where Sousuke takes a bath and cleans up. Then we headed to the bedroom. Sousuke started out getting himself aroused in the chair; it's closer to the door. LOL Once he felt comfortable with the situation, he moved to the bed and gave us a good look at his hairy ass; even let me put some lube on it and he played a little. Ready to get down to business, he lubed up his hand and started stroking on his back. Then up on his knee's and ready to shoot; and shoot he did. It was back to the shower afterwards to clean up again. After the shoot and off camera, we talked some more and he's thinking about coming back and maybe let one of our boys give him head.
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