These sexy guys are into new games; this will be fun. Kinjiro installs and uses his computer to play. Okay, where the fuck is that app? With Takumi rising to the challenge, the two take the game one step further, and a hole lot deeper. Kissing, fondling and sucking, Takumi, who will bottom, puckers his winker. With Takumi's honey hole the prize, Kinjiro worships the boy from top to tip, including his Poke Balls; the bottom's sensitivity really has the top aroused. Into a hot 69 as the camera gets a great angle, lube turns into fingering and the top greases up his gyroscope to plug in. Always connected they end up with Takumi riding atop; both his hands and Kinjiro's finger swipe the bottom's cock. Exploding onto the top's chest, Takumi then kneels and receives a thick load; this monster is tagged.
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