Manabu and Takumi have a break from school. With a text, the two hook up at Manabu's for Sweet as candy, these two cuties kiss and take off their shirts; I'd say Manabu is the hard-shelled top and Takumi is the soft creamy bottom. Lying on the bed, the top is serviced and stiffened; and when the panda bottom shows his beautiful hole, I know this will be a hot mixing. 69ing, the two intertwine and taste the flavor of the other before Manabu is wrapped for sex. Sliding into the boy's hole is like an apple being skewered; the pleasure on Takumi's face is palpable. As the bottom boy rides and is ridden, the two do not separate. Only when Takumi is about to spew do they cum apart. The bottom boy shoots a straight blast to his chest; Manabu unloads on the flaccid dick of his partner.
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