Damien's interview and solo statistics: 24, 5.5 feet tall, 120 pounds and 8inch uncut, and his only problem here, not enough; wonder what he's referring to? Pulling out his cock, he reminds us, I'm a grower. He's very much into public sex and loves taking risks. Damien is eager to fly over and take a chance with those Japanboyz.com models. Looking up, he shows us his gorgeous eyes and yep, there's that hint of nasty in him. Pulling out his large thick cock, he continues to stroke and adds some thrusting. Legs spread wide, Damien also works his nipples and rubs his thighs. Moaning more loudly, I pan up and down his sexy body; his ball sack tightens as he tugs faster. Chest reddening and abs showing, Damien's a straight shooter, right up to chest. That was fun, he admits.
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