Pairing Kinjiro with Tomohisa was a great idea; Kinjiro is such a good top and Tomohisa is a new fun bottom for Getting to know one another, just by the looks in their underwear, seems like all is good. The pair kiss as the nipple play is heightened. Kinjiro removes his partner's underwear and sucks the hard shaft. The camera goes behind and shows Tomohisa's skilled area; he takes off Kinjiro's underwear and sucks what he'll soon be riding. Toying with his top, the bottom licks his partner's head and pulls up quickly. Enough of this, Kinjiro flips Tomohisa's legs up, okay lay back he says, as he lubes up the boy's hole. Gauging the boy, the top then thrusts in; the bottom's legs rest on the top's shoulders. Rolling up then over, Tomohisa then takes control and goes atop. After a bit, he needs to cum; together they dock. Working their dicks together Tomohisa cums first, then Kinjiro; both their loads are thick and messy.
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