Knowing these two would be happy to connect, has brought them together. Fuji and Mirai chat; stress has been building in Fuji's body and his partner is here to help, and bottom. Kissing and caressing has both boys hard; the hot blowjobs also assist with the tension relief. Fuji stands and face-fucks his partner before they intertwine for some sensual 69ing. Fingering for relief, Fuji then has Mirai mount him to sit and stretch. Changing into several positions, both twinks seem to relish the bond; we also get some great angles of the top's hot ass as he thrusts. Close, Fuji pulls out and immediately blows onto his partner. After a zoomed in shot of Fuji's throbbing cock, Mirai creams on his stomach as well. The pair agrees, hooking up does work the kinks out.
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