Ass-isting Takumi into our AsianBoys.XXX family, we paired him with Shosei. The tender and passionate manner of these boys shows instantly; Shosei's body flares red as Takumi's hands wander. Taking his time, Shosei tastes a bit of his bottoming boy before they grind. After further inspection, orally, Shosei strips and rubs their cocks together. While in the missionary position, Takumi is lubed and primed for fun. Working his thick cock in, Shosei goes slowly, allowing for the bottom to widen. As they move together, the arousing sounds of the headboard knocking is balanced with the muffled sounds of breath and kissing. Intertwined, the pair watches each other closely; it is Takumi who shoots first, up to his shoulder. Shosei's blast has a bit more distance, and enthusiasm, as he lands his load onto his partner's face and neck.

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