Cal Sommers is 20, in school, and here in Phoenix. Straight, he has a girlfriend and now is going to do a solo for A late to the party guy, he does admit it's only been a couple of years since he found his hand. He also concedes that he has let a guy blow him; we were the last ones at a party and he offered. Going to take a leak, we get a nice stream from his cut cock, as the camera goes in close. Heading to the bed and stretching out, Cal uses a bit of phone footage to start him off. Panning down his nice hairy body, I notice, although he's not hard, he is already precumming; farm boys. Spreading his legs and working his hips, Cal is fully aroused and continues producing the natural lube we all enjoy. Breathing heavier, he quickens the pace, arches his back and gives an, oh God. Within a few seconds, Cal has pooled a thick load onto his groin. Cleaning up, we follow him to the shower; who wouldn't want to see this country boy clean up. As he gets wet, I'm gonna see if I can wrangle him into doing a bit more.

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