Eegii, Ayumu and Takumi make full use of the bed; Takumi is fingered and stroked. As you can see, Eegii is eager to enter; Ayumu kisses and caress while the top and bottom grind on one another. Enjoying the oral-ness of this threesome, Ayumu grabs some lube to keep Takumi open. As the top and bottom connect, Ayumu will wait his turn for now and watch Takumi mount the top's hard dick on Definitely in it to win it, Eegii is having lots of fun with his prize; the bottom is hard from all the fucking. Rolling up the bottom boy, the top pounds as the camera zooms in for a close-up; getting leverage in Takumi, Eegii is soon edging. Pulling out to finish Takumi, the top sucks then fingers. With a, cumming, the bottom blows all over himself as he flushes and squeals, it was awesome. Now, Eegii turns his still hard dick to prize number two, Ayumu.
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